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New Arrival

Funny but on more than one occasion we’ve had a bird appear around foaling time though never a stork! One year we had a pigeon and then a goose and this year it’s a hen that has taken up residence – no idea where it came from but seems to want to stay!

March 16th, 2014


Nothing much pony news wise until foals arrive and while the ponies are caked in mud, made a birthday cake with an Africa theme for daughter who is Africa bound at Easter.  Over the years have concocted all kinds of cake, mostly themed on what was a favourite thing of the time, here’s just a small selection:

Cinderella’s Castle for a Disney Fanatic!

Wallace & Gromit

Mandarin Duck (we kept & bred mandarins for a time)

Telly Tubbies!

Cake on left, toy jack-in-a-box right

Rainbow with Zippy, George & Bungle – the recipient was concerned, “but where’s Geoffrey?”

Roses for a deserving mum/gran

February 3rd, 2014

Red Sky at Night

Sky at Kettlesnout one evening, shown reflecting in the window too.


February 3rd, 2014

Countdown to Foaling – Dates & Colours!

Tom with Evie, Cindy & Foxy

Might be around 8  weeks to the first 2014 foal.  Foxy, Evie and Cindy have been scanned in foal and are all now in the ante natal ward (field). They are in a field with just a bit more grass and will get a little mix each day. Here’s information on dates and colours for each mare:


Foxy went in with Tom from 1/5/13. She has a tendency to go less than 11 months, with Silvie she was just over 10 months and Silvie was absolutely fine, in fact she’s still with us. On that basis the earliest date for Foxy could actually be 1st March but if we take her average it’s more likely to be mid March, so we will keep a close eye on her and use the milk testing as a guide once we get closer if she is looking ready. She will be observed on cctv also nearer the time. Foxy has always foaled in the hours of darkness from 9.45pm to 3.45am.

Foxy has a 50% chance of having a palomino and then a 25% chance of either a cremello or chestnut  and she could have a tobiano, equal chances of solid or tobiano.

Foxy has had 4 fillies so far, Cindy with Redcedar Firefly Bobby  and Bee, Luna & Silvie with Merriville Prince Charming.


Cindy was with Tom from 17/3/13 and being her first foal there’s no history of course to guide us. She was observed being served by Tom on 15/4/13  so will work broadly on her going 11 months which would give a foaling date of 14/3/14 but given her mums history, we’ll have to be vigilant from an earlier date.

Cindy has a 50/50 chance of either a palomino or chestnut foal.


Evie was in with Tom from 8/5/13 so again based on 11 months, gives a foaling date of 7/4/14 but again with a first foal, we’ll observe her before that date.

Evie has an equal chance of a chestnut or palomino and whilst she’s not be tested, given her ink spots and her mum’s history, we suspect she may be homozygous so think she will have a broken coloured foal.

January 20th, 2014

The Hills are Alive …..Sarah is Maria!

Excellent performance of the Sound Of Music by Roco, Roundhay, Leeds. Very impressive for an amateur production, excellent cast, producer, costumes, music, set and everything!

December 1st, 2013

Skies over Kettlesnout!

Quite busy – just glad they’re at high altitude but made for an interesting sky.


December 1st, 2013

All these for just £3!!!

I love flowers and also love a bargain – picked these up at Tescos – 2 for 1!

August 14th, 2013

Brother Scott the First!

Michael Whitaker & Brother Scott

Picking up Horse & Hound to read on a long flight, as it protruded from my bag, I was amazed at how many commented, the most obscure was from a Dutch lady “oh that reminds me of Notting Hill”, to my puzzled look she reminded me of Hugh Grant’s claim in the film of being a H & H reporter [some might say if only!]

Though it wasn’t until I saw the back page, at 30000 feet, that I was truly uplifted [Michael Whitaker and Brother Scott], not seeing Michael flying of course but to see that partnership again – I share Michael’s fond memories of Brother Scott – a wonderful little horse with a heart of pure gold, having looked after “Scotty” for a time, he has to be one of the most genuine horses ever.

Everyone credits Michael for the talented horseman he is [and was from an early age, guided so well back then by mum Enid]. As Michael’s first groom, I saw Michael progress from ponies to horses, at times riding in pony and horse classes all day long and, of course, always bringing out the best in all he rode. How many other sportsmen have represented their country so well for so long, nearly 40 years with hopefully still many more to come and, at the same time, mentoring others? [Joe Clayton is a shining example]. It’s time Michael was recognised officially in my view and he should be honoured alongside the other long term legends, brother John and Nick Skelton.

Brother Scott’s memory lives on in Kettlesnout Brother Scott – an equally treasured, characterful, miniature Shetland we named after him –  the latest,  5 year old Brother Scott is gaining recognition with his new owner, Catherine, flying around the showing circuit in Lancashire.

August 12th, 2013

Breed Show

I went to the breed show yesterday, just to spectate and saw some super ponies, here’s a pic of the mini stallion line up and one of Buxted Enchanting whose owner has already had 3 of our foals and is having Luca this year so very happy with such a  good home

Miniature Stallion Class

Buxted Enchanting

August 12th, 2013

Last Tango in Halifax

Our neighbours home hosted recent filming of this series, chosen because of the view – it is rather good.  Their house overlooks our mares and foals field so you never know, they might even feature as extras!

Derek Jacobi & Anne Reid

Filming Derek & Anne’s arrival- there must have been over 20 crew present!

August 12th, 2013

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