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Testing Strips Prove Valuable

We used milk test strips again to predict foaling and they did the job again. Evie went to 85% on 3rd April at 8am, then moved to 95% at around 6.30pm and foaled at 11pm. Foxy tested at 85% 2 days before foaling and on the evening of 28/3 she was between 85 – 95%, she foaled at 3.15am.

Also had the benefit of CCTV which can be viewed on an iphone/ipad from anywhere in the world! So as well as me here at Kettlesnout, the whole family has been involved. Pip knows the signs and has kept a close watch from Manchester and alerted me to Foxy rolling at 1am, Foxy foaled 2 hoursĀ later! Foal watch has also taken place in Leeds [Sarah] and India, Spain and Italy [Robert] .

I would recommend using the tests and the Swann CCTV cameras. Swann have a very helpful support line and can help set up your laptop/phone so you can’t really go wrong.

Foxy’s test the day before foaling