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Foxy Foals! Good News & Sad News

Foxy had a son at 3.30am today, after 4 fillies. The birth was very fast, he was born in the time it took for me to get outside. He was lively from the start and is already a lovely little character. Foxy had a few after pains but is recovering now.

Below are a few pics on his first day.

On a sad note, Cindy lost her baby on 6th March. She had an early red bag foaling, it is most likely that the placenta had failed. It can be possible in some cases to save red bag foals but time is of the essence and the red bag must be broken immediately for the foal not to suffocate. The only good thing is that Cindy was unaware, it being her first foal, so she didn’t fret the way she could have so we were at least thankful for that, she got lots of tlc all the same. Cindy is very special to us, we love all our ponies but had so looked forward to Cindy’s foal but she is young and there’s time for her, it’s probably just one of those things.

Sleepy Boy

No I haven’t really lost the plot – just a bit of a fun pic!