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Dilston Golden Sunday Mouse
9 years old
Sire: Cwmhen Dormouse
Dam: Park View Dora

Our first miniature shetland, we bought Sunny from the Dilston Stud together with Dilston Foxglove. Without a doubt, the sweetest miniature shetland and maybe one of the smartest. She has yet to have a foal after losing her first colt but we would never dream of selling her, she's so much more than just a broodmare.

Sunny's Pedigree
Dilston Foxglove
7 years old
Sire: Park View Daniel
Dam: Brandon Arielle

Definitely the mare with most character! Foxy proved to be quite the escape artist when she was younger, dipping under fences and jumping what shouldn't be physically possible - a trait she has passed on to her foals! She can be stubborn so we've not shown her to date, though she would likely do well. However, she's been a perfect mum to a number of beautiful filly foals - Cinderella, Bee, Luna and Silver.

Foxy's Pedigree
Charlotte's Moonlight (Lottie)
6 years old
Sire: Blazefield Mighty Mouse
Dam: Meadow Fox Moonlight Lady

A well marked piebald and beautiful mover, Lottie has great bloodlines, her dam being the highest priced mare at Reading when sold. She's gone on to have some lovely foals including Coco, who has been shown by her new owner Sue. Also the infamous 'Hazza', her 2010 colt who had an abundance of character and was super friendly.

Lottie's Pedigree

North-Wells Scotch Rose
12 years old
Sire: Doonies Rab
Dam: North-Wells Rosee

One of our more reserved albeit very sweet mares, if you're ever in the field doing the jobs she's always there to keep you company. Not one to ever be grouchy! She has a beautiful head and kind eyes which she tends to pass down to her foals, as well as some beautiful skewbald markings. Pictured on the left is Evie, a foal so cute we had to keep her.Rosie also gave us another lovely filly, Summer - both fillies by Dilston Piper.

Rosie is in foal for 2013 to Merriville Prince Charming.

Rosie's Pedigree

Applegarth Princess Poppy
10 years old
Sire: South Sands Oscar
Dam: Meadowdown Princess Belinda

Poppy is our smallest mare with a wealth of mane. She was really timid when she first came to us but we've since gained her trust and she's one of our sweetest mares. Known for her adorable colts - Bambi, Scotty, Ted and Joe. all super sweet and loving, more like dogs than ponies! Bambi, her first would go to sleep on your lap in the field.

Poppy's Pedigree

Valentine Sukia
10 years old
Sire: Valentine Marcus
Dam: Romany Kristal

A good natured, very stocky, little mare who has proven to be an excellent mum and will often babysit the year's foals for the other mares. While with us Suki has had two gorgeous filly foals and an adorable bay and white colt.

Suki is in foal for 2013 to Merriville Prince Charming.

Suki's Pedigree

Balmedie Lizzie
7 years old
Sire: Kerswell Macho
Dam: Helawi Shamrock Lady

Always the first to canter across the field to us, Lizzie's such a people pony. She has great bloodlines, by Kerswell Macho.We have considered breaking her in to be a riding pony but she's also a great mum. We kept her first foal, Lady Chantilly, a striking bright bay

Lizzie's Pedigree
Kettlesnout Lady Chantilly
3 years old
Sire: Merriville Prince Charming
Dam: Balmedie Lizzie

Tilly, a beautiful mahogany bay with white socks and white flashes. Definitely has great showing prospects. Like all Kettlesnout foals she has a great temperament due to being well handled from a young age.

Tilly's Pedigree

Merriville Emma Jane
7 years old
Sire: Waterpitts Elegant Lord
Dam: Merriville Ellie May

Bought as a foal, Emma was quite timid at first but you wouldn't believe that now! Probably the best mover of all our mares, she will strut round the field with her tail held high! Has had two lovely filly foals, Apple and Faline.

Emma is in foal for 2013 to Merriville Prince Charming.

Em's Pedigree

Kettlesnout Cinderella
5 years old
Sire: Red Cedar Firefly Bobby
Dam: Dilston Foxglove

Foxy's first foal, Cindy, is something else! Born prematurely outside she managed to pass through two fields and become adopted by another mare, consequently needing to have plasma infusions. After being reunited with her mum, we nursed her for two weeks, we became her best friend as a result. Ever since she's followed us everywhere and we've even been able to teach her tricks! Definitely the friendliest too - she manages to befriend every single mare through her persistance.

Kettlesnout Evening Rose (Evie)
3 years old
Sire: Dilston Piper
Dam: North-Wells Scotch Rose

Evie is such a pretty filly, we had to keep her. Super friendly and a very playful foal! She ran rings around her mum and became good friends with our other filly, Tilly, and has stayed close to her ever since.

Her mum Rosie is likely homozygous as she has always produced broken coloured foals and although we haven't had her tested, we think Evie might be the same - she has the tell tale spots - time will tell, though we don't mind either way.

Kettlesnout Silver Fox
1 year old
Sire: Merriville Prince Charming
Dam: Dilston Foxglove

Silvie - Foxy's third filly to Prince, we couldn't resist keeping her. She has the cutest little head and white ears, which could indicate she carries Foxy's cream gene, we're hoping for some palamino foals from her in the future.