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Friendly foals, Stella and Summer.
Our first and cutest foal, Cindy, on her first trip outside.
Andrea looking after a poorly Cindy after she was born prematurely.
Sandy and Evie having a nap in the sun.
Our foals Bee and Coco start their showing career with new owner Sue.
Foxy looking after Cindy, who even the dog rug was too big for.
D'aww! Sleeping Cindy.
Mare and foal have their first day out.
A more up to date shot of Foxy and Cindy! Still close.
Scotty races around at 1 day old.
Sunny looking in, looking beautiful.
Foxy and Bee
Rosie with her very playful foal, Evie!
"I love my mum!"
A dry and fluffy Tilly a few hours after she was born.
A young Prince and Piper playing colt games!
Lottie looking lovely.
Tilly and her mum (Liz) grooming.
Liz and Tilly a few years later! Still very close even after weaning.
Andrea carrying hay in the trusty IKEA bag!
Em looking very graceful in the snow.
A dangerous shot to get! Foxy was looking forward to her breakfast.
Lottie in the snow.
Cindy plays chase!
Content mares - Lottie, Foxy and Em.
An older Cindy with a mouthful of hay!
Our mini lops Pancakes and Leo
Our mini lops Pancakes and Leo
The summer the ponies made some new friends.
Little Terrors Sandy and Evie!
Rosie just after Summer was born with a priceless look.
Hazza (Flash Harry) worn out from playing on the lawn!
Little Ted shows off under the blossom.
Luna's landing shot.
Luna the circus pony.
Hazza always took the best pictures. Lottie doesn't seem to mind though.
Liz looking over Indie.
Stella's landing shot.
Summer was always unconventional.
Bambi thought he was a dog!
Prince Charming??
Scotty meets the Steiff pony.
Poor baby Summer doesn't like the wind.
Cute Cute Cute
All these pony pics do take a toll on your camera equipment!
Still loves her cuddles years on.
Summer's first little buck.
Catherine and her amazing Scotty!